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amy walker2 1d626                艾米归来? 其实传奇一直不曾离开

    站长按:还记得网路上曾经红极一时的"21种口音"的红发美女Amy Walker吗?本站几年前曾贴出口音达人的模仿秀,本次女神再次上演精彩口音大戏,在一段梦幻般歌颂对"艺术与生活之爱"的诗朗诵里,这位美女配着夸张的表情和丰富肢体语言,用31种口音完成了朗诵,念出了31种柔情;

     1982年9月1日出生于美国西雅图,Amy小时候就参加过很多话剧和音乐剧的表演,很有天赋。在澳大利亚的卧龙岗大学学习了表演和歌唱后,她来到了新西兰的惠灵顿,2006年参演了战时爱情电影《Dead Letters》;虽然经历不少,但她意外走红是源于21 accents的Youtube视频;加上其他100部视频作品,总共给她带来了近2千万的点击;


演出:Amy Walker;
摄像:Jenna Martin;
特别感谢:Richard Halmans ,Paul Mathijs Lombert.



【标准英式口音STANDARD BRITISH】 Hello, my name is Amy Walker, and I'm an actress, singer and artist, as a form of Courageous Compassion. 注意actress,artist的a的发音,前面一个嘴型很大,后面的长音;

【考克尼口音COCKNEY】 Right -Courageous Compassion. What's that then? 注意语速,以及"that=dat"的转变;

【爱尔兰口音IRISH】 For me, when I embody the voice, physicality,

【苏格兰口音SCOTTISH】 erm... Hopes, Fears, Perspectives, Choices of another being, 注意语气词"ermm",貌似希伯来语母语者也有这个习惯;

【意大利口音ITALIAN】 I identify with them. 节奏好像歌剧,很容易辨别;

【美国明尼苏达口音MINNESOTA】 Whether they're human, animal, otherwise or otherworldly, 明尼苏达和西威斯康辛都有浓重的斯堪地那维亚口音,而且越往北越重;

【美国波士顿口音BOSTON】 They become a part of me.波士顿语速果然快;

【美国南卡罗来纳口音】S. CAROLINA When I identify with someone, I have an opportunity to let go of judgement;

【美国手语AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE】 and practice courageous compassion.

【美国布鲁克林口音BROOKLYN】 I might not agree with their perspective or choices...纽约布鲁克林,土里土气,带欧洲尤其是爱尔兰口音的英语,这种把字母"r"弱化得几乎听不出来的口音;

【澳大利亚口音AUSTRALIAN】 I've played characters where I'm just in agony trying to justify how they could make a particularly violent or destructive choice. 注意:justify, how, violent控制嘴型,元音没有完全发出来;

【俄罗斯口音RUSSIAN】 I've Grappled with trying to understand how their humanity can allow it.

【埃及口音EGYPTIAN】 But when I approach it from a perspective of acceptance,

【英国约克郡口音YORKSHIRE】 I break through to a new understanding of how they may have been shaped by their circumstances,

LISPING CHILD How they were treated by their parents, teachers, bullies...

【墨西哥口音MEXICAN】 I just let go of the labels, you know? and find their essence within me. 注意within的读音,有wh;

【印度口音INDIAN】 For I am equally, imperfectly human. 这个很好辨认;

【新西兰口音NEW ZEALAND】 Capable of the same monstrous and magnificent acts.

【德克萨斯口音TEXAS】 That's why I call it "Courageous Compassion." 有点拖音;想起了布什;

【法国口音FRENCH】 It takes courage for anyone to identify with the darkness we're capable of. 注意此舌头的变化,法国人真是大舌头啊;

【英国康沃尔郡口音CORNWALL】 And even the infinite light we can shine. 英国最西南,受本地语言cornish影响较大;

【西非加纳口音WEST AFRICAN/GHANA】 Especially the light. The beautiful light we can share with each other takes courage!

【美国播音员US NEWS REPORTER】: I believe that inspired art shows us examples of how we're choosing to live.

BRANDY MAN It says, This person chose to do this...

【旧金山"山谷女孩"口音VALLEY】 GIRL And here's what happened. 注意这种被称为"贱女孩"的口音,很做作;一般是三藩市山谷地区富裕阶层年轻女子的口音;

【德国口音GERMAN】 It invites us to analyze our habitual reactions; and choose to respond from the heart. 注意德语关于Z的音比较重;

【日本口音JAPANESE】 Only then, from this greater perspective, can I truly say,

【西雅图口音SEATTLE】 "I, Amy Walker, perfectly imperfectly, choose to practice the ways of Love."

【牙买加口音JAMAICAN】 I choose Love, man!

【大西洋口音TRANSATLANTIC】 I choose to embody different perspectives as a form of courageous, compassionate Love.

【英式RP BRITISH RP】 And that's only one form of love. One. Of Infinite doorways.

【西雅图口音SEATTLE】 Vibes to your doorways to courageous compassion. For we are all connected.





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